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Painter, Ginny Howsam, Oil Painting

I live and work in Dutchess County/the Hudson Valley/Upstate New York.


Here I cannot escape—the landscape.


This natural environment has deep connections for me:  rivers, ponds, mountains, trails, wetlands, farmland, forests.


I look for underlying geometry and order amid nature’s chaos.


I paint an imagined reality from a perceived experience.  With charcoal, graphite and oil 

sticks while layering oils, I interpret through memory, imagination and atmospheric encounters with nature.


Draw/erase.  Paint/scrape.  A ghost remains.  With these traces I move the work toward

the bilateral link between what I can see and what I can imagine.  I translate both

surface and subterranean geography to canvas and paper. The macrocosm and microcosm belong together.  This combination casts the familiar in a new light.

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