Printmaking Temp

COULEUR SERIES 004, Monoprint, 18×24

The Couleur Series is made with solar-etched copper plates. The solar part is using the sun instead of acid to etch the image. Much healthier for me and the environment.

Next I ink the etched matrix. And then with separate ink colors I freely “paint” on the plate the remainder of the image.

For example, Couleur Series 004 is multiple hues of red inks painted over a violet inked matrix. I purposely leave spatters and strokes as the mark of my hand.

To create the print titled “Vortex” I print my carborundum image several times in different hues of blue, gray and black. I cut and tear up the prints. Then reassemble them atop one another and collage them to produce a swirling motion, a vortex.

COULEUR SERIES 001, Monoprint, 26×60

COULEUR SERIES 026, Monorpint, 22×30

COULEUR SERIES 003, Monoprint, 20×25

Homage to Twombly, Silkscreen with Oil Stick, 28×50

RED DRIP, Silkscreen with Collage and Oilstick, 36×54

PINK AND BLACK, Carborundum Print, 13×20

VORTEX, Carborundum Print Collage, 21×37

GREEN BAGS, Silkscreen, 15×18

CONES, Silkscreen, 13×17

COKE BOTTLES, Silkscreen, 13×18