Pond Series

Monet is the father of all pond painting. A cautionary warning is advisable to the artist who takes it on. However I walk my dog in an Upstate nature conservancy that has a large pond. It is wild, it is native, it is awesome.

After years of observing the seasonal and weather changes, I painted the pond. Then I painted it again and again and soon I had a series.

Pond Passion, Oil, 18×24

Pond Shadows, 18×24, oil

Winter Pond, 18×24, oil

Pond Mystery, 18×24, oil

Pond Flower, Oil, 24×18

Pond Action, Oil, 12×9

Pond Etude, 18×24, oil

Pond Texture, Oil, 18×24

Pond Plants, 18×24, oil

Pond Surface, Oil, 24×30 (diptych)

Pond Buzz, Oil, 8×24 (diptych)