Hudson River

Ice Floe oil 11”x 14”
View Toward the Palisades oil 20”x 24”
Looking over West Point oil 18”x 24”
Hudson at the Tappan Zee oil 9”x 12”

Hudson Valley

Dutchess Farm oil 24”x 30”
Looking West in January oil 14”x 18”
January-Late Afternoon, Two Trees oil 18”x 24”
January-Late Afternoon, Three Trees oil 18”x 24”
November Sycamore oil 9”x 12”
Ochre Sycamore oil 16x 20”
Orange and Green Tree oil 12”x 14”

Still Life

Three Hydrangeas oil 24”x 30”
Serape and Skull oil 24”x 30”
Roses and Apples oil 30”x 40”
Blue Pitcher and Daisies oil 16”x 20””
Hydrangea and Pears oil 30”x 40”
Cubes oil 16”x 20”
Three Oranges on Blue Plate oil 16”x 20”

Fruit/Vegetable/Flower-Single Image

Tree Peony oil 24”x24”
Pomegranate oil 16”x 20”
Sunflower oil 16’x 20”
Green Apple oil 8”x 10”
Red Onion oil 9”x 12”
Japanese Plum oil 8”x 10”


Angus oil 9”x 12”
Four Warmbloods oil 9”x 12”
Horse in Field oil 24”x 30”
Equador and Ginny oil 30”x 40”
Horse and Hands oil 24”x 30”
Dressage Horse oil 9”x 12”


Iraqi Man oil 24”x 48”
Red Robe and Water oil 24”x 48”
Mourning oil 30”x 40”
Fire in the Street oil 30”x 40”
Chaos oil 30”x 40”
Lost in India oil 30”x 40”


Dancing Nude oil 24”x 24”
Aiko oil 30”x 40”
Kris oil 18”x 24”
Trevor oil 18”x 24”

Urban Landscape

Rail Station oil 24”x 48”
Marketplace oil 30”x 40”
Rush Hour oil 30”x 30”