Cadmium Landscape

Mother Nature is my muse. I’m inspired by natural surroundings in Upstate New York and the Bronx. I’m an interpreter: I take off from an observation or memory and paint the sensation.

My oil paintings are a combo–brushwork, drawing, drips, scrapping, spattering, rubbing, finger painting. I paint on canvas or gessoed paper.

When printmaking I may paint, draw, cut, tear and then reassemble a print. Messing up an image is often a necessary step toward the final result.

A jumping-off point is my road in Upstate New York. Trees, ponds, the Hudson River, mountains, pasture and wild and cultivated gardens are inspirations.

I also live on the Hudson in the Bronx. The beauty of the weather and seasons on the River and the New Jersey Palisades is staggering. The Bronx is 25% parkland. I look in Wave Hill, the Botanical Gardens, VanCortland Park and the Riverdale wild parks. Often after a walk I can’t wait to get home and paint what I just experienced.

I want a visceral take on nature. My eyes crave texture and energy. My soul wants color. I like to see the mark of my hand on the image. Gestures make the surface come alive.